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l “To relieve choking in a child you should lift the child up by the feet and shake”. What?

 Definitely not. We always heard this during infant CPR classes for new parents. This is a great example of why you should take an American Heart Association CPR class. You will learn not only how to do CPR but also the proper way to relieve choking.


k “Someone else will be able to help”.

The key to surviving cardiac arrest is the quick response of someone trained in CPR. A patient who collapses and does not immediately receive CPR has almost no chance of survival.


p “CPR does more harm than good”.

It is absolutely false. When you are performing CPR it is on someone who has no heartbeat. if someone has no heart beat it means they are DEAD. How can doing CPR possibly make being dead worse? It is true that you may possibly break some ribs while performing CPR but I know that if my heart stopped beating I would much rather wake up with broken ribs than not wake up at all.

w “CPR is only for Adults”.

It is true cardiac arrest is very uncommon in children and kids. However, infant and child CPR classes also cover how to relieve choking and drowning and a good instructor can provide extremely helpful information on accident prevention.

a “I already know CPR”.

The American Heart Association is constantly researching and reviewing the best way to provide CPR. Every few years the guidelines change and it is always best to learn the most current guidelines. The American Heart Association recommends renewing your CPR certification every 2 years.

o “I will never have to do CPR”.

The chances that you will ever have to perform CPR are very small. However, choking is much more common an emergency and all AHA CPR classes also teach how to save someone who is choking.

 n“CPR always works”.

Unfortunately this is not true and is a very common belief that has been perpetuated by T.V and movies. The actual adult survival rate from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is about 5-10%. Survival rates increase if there is an AED present and if it is able to deliver a shock. However, if your heart stops and no one starts CPR then your chance of survival is zero.



As you can see there is a lot of bad information out there regarding how, when, and why people should be performing CPR. The real issue with all these “myths” is that they could possibly stop someone from learning CPR or providing CPR to a victim of cardiac arrest. It is the belief of The Regional Life Support Training Center RLSTC that everyone should take a CPR class and get involved in the safety of their family, friends, and all community members.


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